March 17, 2021

Playful Anniversary Photoshoot in the Santiam River

Storytime before we get into the photos from Venessa & Wes’s playful anniversary photoshoot in Oregon’s Santiam River!

When my husband and I were moving out of our house, things got… complicated.

We lived out of boxes for months while our move-out date was changed every hour (it seemed). The day we actually had to move, we had about three hours’ notice and no help. We were expected to move our entire house in a matter of hours, with two toddlers, and a (late to arrive) moving truck.

We were panicked and anxious. No matter how strong I think I am, I could NOT carry the large furniture up the ramp if my life depended on it. With about 90 minutes to go, and a house still very full of things to be loaded, Venessa pulled into our driveway.

I’d met her once, at a park, and that was the extent of our friendship.

She had her three kids in the car and was at our house completely by chance (looking for another family). She could see our anxiousness and panic. Without even saying a word, got out of her car and STARTED PACKING UP OUR HOUSE.

Within about ten minutes, she had called her life group and husband. Before you know it we had a whole crew of the most selfless and loving strangers. They started packing up our entire house, sweeping, cleaning, and loading the moving truck. At this point, even our neighbors and babysitter were showing up to help!

I cried. So. Many. Tears. I’m so happy I was able to document these two for their NINE-year wedding anniversary photoshoot, and I’ll forever be thankful for them and their generous hearts.

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