The girl behind the lens...

Hi friends! I'm Monique. I am a full time, work from home wife, mom, boss, and photographer. I'm 30 years old, a graduate from the University of Oregon, mama to two littles (Parker 5 + Adeline 2), and wife to my forever best friend. I'm inspired by every day love stories, traveling to new places, stepping outside my comfort zone, and meeting new people. My love language is gift giving + acts of service, I'm a 2W3 on the enneagram, I am a coffee addict, red wine lover, and if I'm your wedding photographer, I WILL dance with you at least one time during your reception (albeit, not great dance moves). I'm living my best life, and doing it with as much humility and grace as possible. God has blessed me with a gift I hope to bless others with!


My family and faith, first and foremost
Being a mom + wife
Peony Flowers
Red Wine
Pumpkin Candles
Random acts of kindness
Tears of joy
Waking up early
Country Concerts
Surprising People
Bubble Baths
Wedding Cake... definitely wedding cake.

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Frequntly Asked Questions



Do you travel?

Absolutely! About 50% of my jobs are out of state! I've gone every where from Alaska to Hawaii, Kansas to Nashville... My passport is ready, and so am I! In addition to traveling for weddings, I also travel for engagement shoots, anniversary shoots, elopements + more. Email me to get more information!


How many photos do you deliver?

Every shoot is different, but on average:
Engagement + Portrait 50+
Elopement or Small Micro Wedding 200+
Wedding 700+


How long will it take to get our photos?

I know waiting is hard! Trust me, I do! But as a work from home momma to two, plus a homeschool teacher and business owner, galleries take time. Every shoot and wedding will get sneak peeks THE NEXT DAY. Portrait shoots will receive 5-10 photos within 24 hours, and weddings will receive 20-25 sneaks the following day. Full galleries are as follows:
Portrait sessions: 3 weeks
Elopements: 6 weeks
Weddings: 10-12 weeks


What should we wear?

I always recommend earth tones: forest green, terrecota, cream, etc. You want to coordinate, but not necessarily match the other person(s) in your photos. Try to avoid cluttered patterns, but don't be nervous to add texture or accessories! I suggest two outfits for all portrait shoots (not family sessions). One that is slightly more romantic (I love lulus, free people, bohme, vici dolls for dresses or romantic options), and one look that's more carefree, authentic, and genuine to you!
I also have a pinterest board with ideas:


Do you deliver every single photo you take / can we get the RAW files?

I do not. You're hiring me because of my work and my art, and delivering a product that's not finished isn't an honest representation of my brand. The truth is, you don't really want or need EVERY photo I take (eyes closed, out of focus, adjusting settings, etc). You're trusting me to do my job when I deliver the finished gallery. Every single image you receive is intentional, hand edited, and the highest resolution.



"I hope this is a decent time. I was up until 1am looking at the photos. I kept telling Nate how much I wanted to text you and tell you how in love I am with them, but he reminded me you're a mom of 2 and sleep is important, so I refrained. But HOLY ****. I know everyone says "I have no words" but I actually don't I feel like your photos are a work of art . . . You have an incredible talent, girl. I'm dying. Call the love ambulance. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

01. Corinna + Nate

"I am so grateful that you were our photographer! Obviously you are super amazing and have been published in magazines . . . but you did our little wedding in the middle of no where and never made it seem not good enough for you. I love that you are in it because you truly love it and love making people happy with your photos . . . it's so clear that you are so authentic and not in it for the money or fame and that is so awesome to us because it's so easy to get caught up in that stuff. Long story short, thank you for accepting us as clients and making our experience the best ever and giving us photos that will amaze for a lifetime!"

02. Catlin + Trent

"Monique was the best decision I made for our wedding (besides my husband of course!). When I started planning I knew that photography was very important to me. I wanted someone who I could trust, who had a style I liked, and who I liked and felt comfortable around on a personal level. I found all of that and more with Monique. She was my wedding guru, personal stylist, hype girl, friend, AND photographer all in one . . . Her personality is so bubble and fun that you can't help but have a good time! My husband hates having his photo taken, but even he wasn't immune to Monique's charm - he was relaxed and having a great time. Monique is the best hype girl you will ever have and will make you feel so good the entire time you are taking photos . . . I could not have a picked a better photographer - I am seriously SO thankful to have been able to have Monique at my wedding!"

03. Austin + Danielle

"Monique! Oh my goodness, these are simply AMAZING!I cannot even handle it . . . We are so happy we chose you and it just felt right. We are seriously the luckiest. Thank you so much, you are so talented and have such a beautiful soul. I'm so excited we found each other. I cannot get over these. Unreal. I'm bragging about you to everyone who will listen!"

04. Kyle + Jessica

"Monique! Where do we even begin?! You are absolutely amazing! We were so lucky to have you as our wedding photographer. You were one of the best decisions we made. Seriously. You have such a special gift. I never thought Id hear Stephen say 'that was so fun!' when taking photos. That's how good you are! You made us feel so comfortable during our sessions. It was easy to be ourselves and we had so much fun! You were able to catch the real us us with real emotions. You gave us an experience, plus, the most amazing photos ever! We can't thank you enough for that. We can't wait to print and put up all our pictures!"

05. Stephen + Emily

"We just sat here for 30 min in awe of your photos. I honestly can't express in words how amazing these are. I cried! They are absolutely perfect in every single way!! The day I got engaged I knew I wanted you to be our photographer. I'll be honest... it was because I fell in love with your photos on instagram. I had no idea I would be working with such a beautiful soul who would make me feel so beautiful and be able to bring out the best of Matt and I in photos. You are such an amazing woman and I'm so honored to call you a friend ... We will forever be grateful for your amazing talent and friendship. Us, our family, and our friends will treasure these photos for a lifetime!"

06. Matt + Tammy