Monique Serra.

Wife. Mom. Photographer. Dreamer. Lover. Romantic. Christian. 

I'm Monique, and this is my beautiful little family. Nice to meet you!

I am a full time, work from home, stay at home, wife, mom, and photographer.

I live in Eugene, OR, but moved here from Medford, OR, nearly ten years ago.

I married my best friend in 2014, and in 2015 we welcomed our son, Parker, in to this big world. He is 29 pounds of love and chunk, and he has given us more purpose and joy than I ever even could've imagined.

I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012, with a degree in Electronic Media. I always thought I would be a news woman!

I worked as an optometric assistant for 2 years, and when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, my husband convinced me to quit my 9-5 job and pursue what I was passionate about: art. Talk about risky and scary! But, we've never regretted it.

I'm 26 years old, a lover of Jesus, sweetened coffee, orange sunset light, crisp autumn air, fall, country living, horses, traveling, rain, bonfires, smores, sushi, wine, beer, camping, the beach, and most of all: Making memories with my favorite people. My family. My tribe.

Photography is my career, yes. That is an incredible blessing and something my family and I are so grateful for. But it's more than that. Photography is my heart. It's my passion. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to be inspired.

 I have always been a very passionate person, influenced by the simplest things around me: light, nature, music, movement, silence, air, wind, sky, love.

Being behind the camera is magical to me. I feel as if I get to see the world differently than other people. Capturing moments that could so easily slip through the cracks and be forgotten is what drives me.

I love witnessing the love and romance between two people. I love that after every shoot I feel refreshed and blessed to do what I do.

After each shoot I leave feeling rejuvenated and excited. I get to watch people fall in love, I get to photograph romance and immeasurable joy. I get to surround myself with happiness and passion. When the news gets too sad, or the world seems too scary, I'm reminded, daily, that true love and good people are all around us. What a blessing it is, to bring joy to others, in the form of art, while they too, bring joy to me.

Meeting new people, hearing your stories, and being able to TELL your story with photographs is an unbelievable honor.

Thank you for being here! Lets make magic!

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Family, Camping, Summer nights, Wine, Country Music, Fall mornings, Coffee, and My Faith.

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