March 10, 2021

Summer Engagement Photos in Eugene, Oregon

This fun Eugene Oregon engagement session with Olivia & Kyle is one of my faves! We visited 5th Street Market & Armitage Park – 2 great Oregon engagement session locations!

The Inspiration

When COVID hit and Oregon had a stay-at-home order in place, I started journaling. I wrote down ideas, saved inspiration photos, quotes, and bible verses. I pushed myself to stay motivated and find new ways to fuel my creativity. What resulted is a super long list of photoshoot locations, vision boards, and ideas I want to create!

The Engagement Session

When Olivia reached out to me about her engagement shoot, she mentioned wanting to go to a forest or greenery location. Cool, easy, no problem. I told her I knew of hundreds of spots (it is Oregon haha). I told her to chat with her fiancé and we would narrow it down.

WELL! After she and Kyle talked about it, Kyle said “we should just ask her where she wants to go.” AND THEY DID! They asked ME where I’ve been dying to shoot, but haven’t yet, and I knew right away what I would say: “a parking garage roof!” Total the opposite of green trees, but they were so excited to help me create something new!

Thanks to my amazing friends who live in Eugene, I had a pin for a perfect location! The sun was high, the garage was completely empty, and my vision came to life 😭 This shoot was seriously so much fun for me, pushing me far outside my comfort zone. The shot was done in harsh light, in populated areas, and QUICKLY. There were three outfits and three locations, in under an hour and a half. We drove, and ran, and hiked and climbed and really got our steps in for the day 🤣

I still can’t even believe how excited and willing these two were to do whatever I thought would be the most fun and unique for their shoot. This is one of my favorite shoots because Olivia and Kyle just had so much faith in me and my vision, and we got a gallery full of completely different looks and edits and lighting. It was the BEST NIGHT! Catch me on this high for days 🙌🏼

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