January 24, 2021

Playful Oregon Fall Family Photos

You’re going to love these playful fall family photos!

Meet some of my husband and my closest friends (and my son’s undeniable first love, the little red head)! This family means so much to us, and getting to take their first photos as a family of 5 meant so much to me!

When Alex and I moved from Eugene, we really didn’t know anyone in our new town. It was a small town, but we never really had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in any community groups or anything. One day, my son and I made cookies, and we decided to drop some off to our neighbors (pre covid days). We knocked on the door and left a little Tupperware of cookies on their doorstep. A few days later, they did the same! We started talking and realized both our kids were only a few months apart! From that point on, we were pretty much inseparable.

In those two years we lived in that little neighborhood, we spent most weeknights together. Our kids became best friends, and we quickly formed the sweetest and most easy going / unconditional friendship. Shortly later, Alex and I moved again, but we’ve definitely stayed in touch! We’re about 30 min apart now, but we always make time to get our families together (even after this shoot, we got dinner and drinks and the kids ran in the backyard for hours).

The older I get, the more I really cherish the friendships we’ve made and the people in our lives. There’s nothing like people who love you and support you, unconditionally.

Enjoy these fall photos from our 15 minute shoot down the road from our old house!