January 6, 2021

Oregon Fall Family Photos

When Emily reached out and asked me to take her family photos, I was honored! She’s a fellow photographer, and it always feels like the biggest compliment in the world when another artist asks me to take their photos!

I INSTANTLY fell in love with her little boy, and when the shoot was done, he grabbed my hand and followed me to my car. My heart was MUSH. A puddle.

The session was honestly just so easy, fun, and natural. We played with bubbles, walked around the park, and talked all about life and the transition from one baby to two. I seriously can’t wait to meet up with this sweet fam again SOON, to do Emily’s official maternity photos!

She texted me after I sent her sneak peeks and said I would forever be their gal for photos, and I responed with “Id be offended otherwise ;)” We just clicked, and I’m so thankful for new friends!