Never (EVER) did I think I would be in a position where other artists were asking me for advice, tips, help, or guidance. To say it's humbling would be a huge understatement! 

I remember when I was just learning, and I had so many basic questions, but nobody to ask. Simple things like, "what does my ISO really do?" Then, after only learning basic photoshop tasks in school, I remember reading a post from another photographer who was raving about lightroom and being able to SYNC edits. "What the heck is lightroom!? Sync edits?!" Commence: research, books, youtube tutorials, blogs, community forums, questions, and hours and hours (and HOURS AND HOURS) of non stop learning. I was determined. 

Once I felt like I maybe understood lightroom, I realized how big the world of photography really is. Taking a photo is such a small part of what we as photographers really do! Websites, blogs, coding, social media presence, hashtagging (really!), consistency, formatting, emails, guides, marketing, posing, directing, client galleries, print releases . . . and the list went on and on and on. 

I would spend so much time feeling defeated, frustrated, and stuck. Heck, I still do! But I'm an artist, and that's how it goes, right? At least now I understand how to run my business, attract my "ideal clients," respond to inquiries, shoot in manual, edit in lightroom, photoshop, upload galleries, and consistently grow as a photographer. I still dedicate time to learn. New techniques, new methods... and I love reading tips and advice from other photographers. The day I stop desiring to learn, or wanting to grow, is the day I'm no longer an artist. 


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