Mentorship Opportunities

Firstly, THANK YOU so much for believing in what I have to offer, and for wanting to learn from me. I can't imagine a greater compliment. Secondly, congratulations on wanting to grow your business! It's a personal goal of mine to attend at least one workshop a year, so I know the value these opportunities have on furthering your photography career.

I have three different types of education mentorships. Each is unique, so read below to find out which option is best for you and the path you're on! 


1:1 Skype / Coffee Date

This mentorship is perfect for those who live out of state, or those who don't desire a physical shoot! These mentorships are tailored to you, and the questions you have. I typically go over editing, marketing, brand, equipment, settings, and posing. I ask that you prepare questions prior to our meet up, so I can have answers ready, directly pertaining to YOU wants and needs! 

These skype mentorships last 2 hours, and I send a lengthy follow up email, full of additional information + a recap! 


In Person Meet Up + Shoot 

This option is everything covered in the 1:1, plus a live 2 hour shoot! I will find a couple to model for us, and you'll get to see how I direct and run a shoot, first hand! I will pose, guide, and assist, and YOU will get to photograph the couple. These images are great for your portfolio, social media, and for marketing. I will show you my settings, answer any questions you have, and together we will create images you're proud of! 

These mentorships last about 4.5 hours, between meeting up for coffe, driving, and shooting! Additionally, I will also send a lengthy follow up email, with a recap :) 



Workshops vary, and time and date will be announced on my social media accounts. I offer two types of workshops: 1 Day Workshops & 3 Day Workshops. 

These workshops are individually created and marketed. No two workshops will ever be the same, so stay tuned for updates and announcements! 


Monique Serra Photography + Sue Blue Events
One Day Workshop
Wednesday, Feb 28th. 
Education + Styled Shoot
Investment $550

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