June 4, 2019

C+ J Pool Photoshoot Palm Springs

Hello, friends! It’s been a while (like, years) since I’ve blogged, but I finally got set up with narrative and I couldn’t be more excited to jump back on the band wagon!!!

First up, is Chris and Jess!! Last fall I had the insane privilege of teaching at Mae & Co Creative‘s Styled You in Palm Springs. I was able to lead a shoot + help instruct other photographers, while snapping a few shots of my own! This entire vision and set up was Manda’s masterpiece, and I felt SO honored to be able to photograph such beautiful models and such a creative session!

At the end of the shoot, I put on my one piece black swimsuit (4 months post partum, still nursing + pumping while on this trip), and hopped right in the water with these two love birds! What did I use to protect my gear, you might ask? Nothing. I just got too excited and went for it! We won’t tell my insurance agent 😉 (my husband).