December 8, 2020

Summer Family Photos at Roloff Farms

When Tori asked me to take her summer family photos at Roloff Farms, I was so excited and quickly said yes! Tori is one of my best friends, and any time I get to shoot with her and her beautiful family, and on their incredible property, we have the best time! I am forever grateful for her and their support in me and my business.

But! What was so unique and fun about this shoot, is that it was filmed for an episode of their TV show, Little People Big World! I GOT TO BE ON THEIR SHOW! At first I was so nervous! How would I run a family shoot with an entire crew running around me? But Tori assured me, not to worry about it. She told me to just conduct the session as I normally would, and the production crew would just work around us. What’s crazy is that by the end of the shoot, I honestly forgot they were there! We were having so much fun, I completely forgot we were being filmed for tv haha.

The night this episode aired, my entire family was texting me, watching for my little appearance. It was honestly SO exciting, and even though I’ve seen the Roloff family film so many times before, actually seeing myself on their show, doing my thing, taking photos in my element, it was SO COOL! I was definitely not calm about it haha.

I’ll attach a link to the episode HERE

Forever thankful to Tori and the Roloff family for their continued trust in me and their support for my business. Love you so much!