Monique Serra Photography Presets


This pack includes 3 easily customizable presets:

1. Everyday Outdoor / 2. In Home + Getting Ready / 3. Black and White (2 versions)

As well as 5 video tutorials, before and afters, and guides for installation and usage!


Firstly, THANK YOU for your unfailing support and encouragement as I release my first ever presets. This has been a long time coming, and something I’ve ALMOST done so many times. After the number emails, messages, and requests to release a preset pack, I am finally doing it!

The download also includes a guide + instructions for how to download the presets to your LR folder. Also included are FIVE live editing tutorials, where you can watch me (awkwardly) edit 5 different photos, using the included presets. Each image is unique in it’s location and tones (I edit everything from an indoor getting ready shot, to a bridal party image in the forest, to an engagement shoot in the freezing cold snow), and I show you EXACTLY how I edit, tweak, and adjust the presets to create my finished LR image (I adjust skin and portraits in photoshop).

These presets are NOT meant to be a one click perfect fit for everyone. In fact, I edit a photo for you that doesn’t work well with a one click edit (I walk you through it!). I want these presets to be easily adjusted to fit you, your style, your brand, and your photos. I’m 100% transparent and honest, and I hope these presets + tutorials help you create the images you’re hoping to achieve.

If you have any questions, email me @ Because of the nature of this product, there can be no refunds. Please be respectful of me and my business, and don’t sell or give away these presets. Thank you all, again, and forever, for pushing me to do more and take this leap!


Preset 1: “Everyday”

Preset 2: “Indoor” (great for at home sessions + wedding getting ready shots!)

Preset 3: “Black & White” (two options in the bundle: 1 with more contrast and one with a muted matte finish)



Hi! I’m Monique!

I'm a mama and wife, trying to balance life, falling in love with the messy, raw, and organic (joyful and vulnerable) moments of YOUR story! 


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Monique Serra Photography

Albany, Oregon