April 23, 2020

Emily + Brandon, Texas Engagement Photoshoot

Emily and Brandon are some of the most playful, joyful, and loving people I’ve ever met! They modeled for a StyledYou retreat, hosted by Mae&Co Creative, in Texas this past fall! They came to the workshop, full of dozens of photographers, knowing absolutely NOBODY, with the biggest smiles on their faces. They were confident, grateful, and up for ANYTHING.

I can’t imagine what it’s like having 20+ cameras in your face at once, but let me tell you, these two embraced it! They were so care-free, fun, and happy to be there. I got to lead a quick lesson on posing with these two, and it was one of the easiest jobs I’ve had yet! They just love each other so much, it was impossible to capture anything other than sincere emotion.

Be sure to check out StyledYou for upcoming workshops and retreats! This was just one of 5 shoots Manda set up!

Location // The Willow House
Styling // Mae & Co Creative
Hair + Makeup // Hello Flawless Artistry

BTS Photos from my photographer bestie Karra Leigh