April 14, 2021

Creative Portland Studio Maternity Photos

Ready to see some of the most gorgeous studio maternity photos you’ve ever seen?

I was teaching my five-year-old about bravery a while back. He was scared and I told him,

“Parker, being scared but doing something instead of running away, is brave. Bravery is being afraid but doing it anyway.”

For me, doing anything outside my box (the big mouth open smiles + sunset + open field photos) terrifies me. I get anxious about producing and creating an image outside that box. Event sharing these make me just as afraid. It’s different and what if people are only here because they want my “brand” and nothing outside that?

Learning to be a creative outside of her box

I teach a lot about being creative and staying creative when you feel burnt out. I always talk about how I challenge myself at every shoot to do something that’s hard for me. Whether I share that or not, well that’s up to me. But it’s how I continue to grow and learn. Recently, a photographer friend asked me why I rarely post any creative photos on my Instagram feed or website. I sort of was thrown off because truthfully, I think I was subconsciously keeping those images private out of fear. My creative photos don’t necessarily fit my brand or my feed, but they’re what makes me an artist. Whether the internet world knows it or not, these photos are what push me and keep that fire burning in me for photography.

When Emily emailed me about wanting very industrial + modern studio maternity photos, my mind went crazy! I was SO nervous to do an entire two-hour shoot inside a studio. However, I was equally thankful she would choose and trust me to do something like this.

This shoot at the Daylight Creative Space in Portland ended up being a total dream. I felt nervous, afraid, empowered, and so SO fulfilled. I was able to push myself and Emily was honestly up for any of my ideas. She brought in the best clothes, amazing ideas, and was so confident and beautiful in her own body. It was such a perfect day and now my wheels are turning with so many other ideas!!

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