August 7, 2017

Surprise Oregon Studio Elopement // Green Wedding Shoes

What do you do when you’re planning your dream wedding and you lose everything in a house fire? All your material things, gone. But know what remains? Love. A strong and faithful love that holds more value than any tangible thing possibly ever could. Emery knew that what mattered most to her was the man she wanted to spend her forever with, and so she decided to plan a surprise (YES, it was a complete secret!) elopement to her best friend. For months and months she worked with vendors to create a shoot, which would ultimately lead to a surprise proposal, and then an elopement. The day came and her man was such a trooper as he played “model” for a bunch of artists putting together an industrial styled shoot. What he didn’t know, was that EVERY SINGLE PERSON was in on the secret, except him. While taking some “bride and groom” shots, I (the photographer) said “Ok, I think we have some nice calligraphy vow books that I want you guys to pretend to read from.” At this point, both moms were hiding behind a white cardboard stand, and every vendor was shaking and sweating as we anxiously awaited the BIG moment. Emery had prepared a few pages of vows, as well as an explanation as to what was really happening “for reasons unknown to us, a house fire prevented us from having our dream wedding. But what it can’t prevent is us marrying one another….” She got down on one knee, secretly bought him a ring, and proposed! What followed next, aside from a flood of tears, was a small ceremony in which his best friend (he secretly got ordained!) married them. It was such a beautiful reminder that what matters most is love, and not the little things we think make up our “dream wedding.” Emery even planned a potluck reception with all of their closest friends and family! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and we all left feeling so alive, refreshed, and drenched in tears!

Thank you to every single person who came together to make this dream a reality for Emery and Casey. Getting to be a part of this shoot was one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences of my life!

Also, a huge thank you to Green Wedding Shoes for publishing this elopement! What an honor!

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Photography | @moniqueserraphotography
Videography | @featherdanielle
Coordinator + Stylist | @peachykeencoordination
Florist | @alibdesigns
Rentals | @poppiesandtophats
Cake |
Dress | @merrime_bridal
Makeup | @jlm_artistry
Hair | @meghansnowcavanaugh
Calligraphy + Stationery | @bridgetowndesignstudio
Signage | @clinkandkiss
Bride + Groom | @emeryadairphotography + @kidesign
Featured on | @greenweddingshoes
Location is Oasis 41, Junction City, OR.